Saturday, February 16, 2008

Divine Bronze

When I rounded the corner in the museum, and saw the grandeur of this famous bronze in a majestic pose, it took my breath. I've always been fond of this piece; it is wonderfully crafted, and wonderfully preserved, but it is also a remarkable work of art. I do not know enough about sculpture to even begin to explain how it produces its effect, but it gives me that same feeling that I get when appreciating some of my favorite works. There is much debate about whether it is meant to represent Zeus or Poseidon, which would be solved instantly if we knew what instrument he was about to throw with his right arm: a thunderbolt or a trident. I've included a photo of the statue's posterior, which I don't think I've ever seen before in a book; I hope you appreciate it. I'm sure that I had some more close up photos, of feet, hands, etc., but I'm not able to find them at the moment. I've also included a short video clip (of poor quality); I think that it offers an unusual three-dimensional view of a work that demands it.


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